The Shaft

Round 1: Fear
Development Time: 2 weeks (group)
Platform: Microsoft Kinect

After working on the spaceship for a week, we jumped right into our first team assignment. Our task was to create a highly interactive world with the Microsoft Kinect in which the player must help character A who is afraid of character B. As part of the course, each group must elect a producer to manage the schedule and organize meetings; my group elected me for the role. In our first meeting, we decided that we wanted to pursue a first person adventure to explore how the Kinect handles that kind of gesture space. Our programmer, Ken, was able to quickly create a prototype of his gesture system so we could test and iterate on each gesture early.

We chose to merge the player with character A and developed around the concept of drowning for character B. This provided clear stakes since the fear of drowning is immediately understood, and that complemented our short time frame. It was a challenge to make the fear of drowning pervasive without being obtrusive. Additionally, it was important for us to not display any gestural hints on the interface. This provided a good design challenge because each of our actions had to be intuitive.

My team:
Ken Hilf / Programming
Sun Moon Hwang / Sound
Mohan Subramanian / Models