Round 0: The benchmark
Development Time: 1 week (individual)

When the class began, we are all assigned into one of four roles – programmer, sound designer, 3d modeling, or texture/2d art – for the upcoming rounds. They considered previous experience though they often assigned people to unfamiliar roles. The purpose of this round is to orient the students to what is expected of them as well provide a challenge in a safe, solo environment. I was assigned to texture and 2D art despite a lack formal training in this area. By working individually, it gave me the opportunity to focus on learning 3ds Max for the purpose of unwrapping a 3d model in addition to painting over the UV map in Photoshop.

I learned a great deal about what is expected from a texture artist and some great practices for unwrapping and arranging my UV space. By unwrapping the model myself, it gave me adequate time to intimately know the model and plan how I want to paint my texture. As part of assignment, we were to prepare the ship for “racing day,” so I decided to go with a grimy, rusted look inspired by Cowboy Bebop and Akira.