As part of the ETC curriculum, students take a film class called The Visual Story. Since most of our work is oriented toward games, this course aims to teach the components of a visual vocabulary as well as camera competency.

My primary contribution across these projects includes editing with Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 and post-production, as well as set work such as lighting.

Introduction Video for Missing Sock Productions
Time: 12 days
Responsibilities: Cameraman, editing

This was our first project as a team and during a brainstorm for our name I threw out “missing sock.” The team loved it because it was so quirky and we decided to include it in each of our films. The class loved finding socks in our videos and even started to incorporate it into their videos.

Retrofit Analysis of Stranger Than Fiction
Time: 9 days
Responsibilities: Acting, editing

The purpose of this assignment was to introduce us to dialogue scripts, shot lists, and overhead camera schematics through analyzing a movie scene and then recreating it using only one camera. We chose Stranger than Fiction and the scene from the movie is when Harold Crick first starts to hear the narrator’s voice and tries to make sense of it. Two of our team members in our group are fluent in Chinese so we recorded the narrator’s voice in both English and Chinese.

Game Trailer for Minesweeper
Time: 26 days
Responsibilities: Post-production and editing

In this assignment teams storyboard a concept, pitch it to the class, and then pass the concept to another team for production. We received a storyboard “Minesweeper” with an action movie twist. It was a great learning experience to work with someone else’s creative vision, and this video was featured in the Fall 2011 BVW Show.

Music Video for OK GO’s “Last Leaf”
Time: 30 days
Responsibilities: Cameraman, compositing, and editing

Our constraint for this project involved three “themes.” We had to choose a song, and then integrate the color “Romantic Orange,” the object “A Picture Frame,” and the story theme “A World In Chaos.” We chose to make the chaos more personal and told the story of a break up.

My team:
Anisha Deshmane
Michael Lee
Pei-Lin Lu
Qianru Ma